It’s another autumn recruitment season, and the autumn recruitment is in progress. The young partners who are about to graduate are also doing their resumes, looking for their favorite jobs. Here, Mr. Times will share with you some tips for making cv samples, I hope it will be helpful to everyone~


Resume Production

According to statistics, each HR takes an average of 15 seconds to view a resume. Therefore, the core of the resume is to attract attention and highlight ability.

Style Characteristics

The resume must be concise and beautiful, preferably on one page. If the wonderful experience is very rich, you can also choose according to the company and position you are applying for. The ultimate goal is to attract the attention of HR.

It’s best to make a specific resume and make it according to the company and position you’re applying for, rather than invest in several companies for one resume.

Content Characteristics

A complete resume generally has five elements: basic information, job search intention, educational background, internship experience, skill level and achievement.

01/Basic information

Basic information includes name, phone number, age, and email address. In addition, it is best to attach a photo of your own sunny and positive ID.

02/Intention to apply for a job

Most students tend to miss the part of job-hunting intention, but the post you intend to focus on is often the first thing HR pays attention to, so that you can judge whether you are suitable for that post in the quickest possible time.

Secondly, it is better to put your job search intention in a more prominent place under your name or photo.

03/Education background

Indicate the time period and write down the school, college, and major in turn. You can write down your courses as needed. If you have good grades, you can also write down your GPA, professional rankings, scholarships, etc., and only write information that can give you extra points.

04/Internship experience

Internship experience is often also a place that HR values. Another important point is that during the interview, HR will usually ask questions from your internship experience. Therefore, do not write information that is not complete or unclear! How to prove your strength is to highlight your internship experience. This is the top priority of your resume.

Generally describe the internship experience, you can use the STAR principle.

S (situation): What is the background of your acceptance of a task?

T (task): What is the specific content of this task?

A (action): What tools did you use and what actions did you make?

R (result): How did you accomplish this task and what was the result? In a comparative way, use data to describe.

For students with more experience, remember not to write too much information that has nothing to do with the position, and only choose the experience that can prove that you are a suitable candidate for the position.

For students with less experience, they can summarize things that can reflect their abilities in group activities or other practical activities in the course.

05/Skill level

In this piece, students can write on the certificates they have obtained, and personal hobbies can also be classified into this category. But pay attention, the hobbies here must be consistent with the job requirements! Stop writing about listening to music and watching movies, comrades! For example, applicants for new media should write their own hobbies, write articles, and like to answer questions on Zhihu Baidu and so on.

The above are the basic elements of cover letter template. I wish those who are looking for a job to get their favorite offer as soon as possible.