Now, I am very used to making a cup of coffee with a semi-automatic coffee maker every morning, and I also play hand-brewed on weekends. It is not like I used to drink instant and freeze-dried powder to be satisfied. Although I have been a beginner for a while now, on the way from Xiaobai to the entry, I have not missed any of the problems that I should encounter.

For example, I can’t drink the difference between flavors, and I see a bunch of coffee equipment I want to buy but I can’t pick or use it. I think many coffee newbies are the same as me. Later, I chose one of the simplest coffee beans and brewed with different equipment, such as cold brewing pot, moka pot, espresso machine and hand pour pot, etc. After a comparison, I found that different brewing methods have different effects on taste. The impact is indeed quite large. After drinking more and comparing several times, you will find out what kind of coffee you like to drink and which brewing method you prefer.

As I have tested with my family before, everyone can clearly feel the difference between different equipment and coffee taste, so today’s experience sharing, rather than directly telling everyone “which bean is delicious”, I still prefer subjective recommendations. Share “how to drink coffee” with everyone.

The first is to help everyone understand what equipment is used to brew coffee and how they affect the taste and flavor of coffee; how should we choose according to our budget and preferences.

Second, it is also convenient for everyone to find their favorite flavors and brewing methods, so they can further pick and play with beans.

So this article will not talk about the content related to beans and tasting, and more on the hardware of how to brew coffee. After all, the space is limited, and I am afraid that you will be tired from watching too much content.

Without further ado, let’s get to the point now~


Advanced compulsory course for novice lovers


In fact, in the final analysis, drinking coffee is the aroma of coffee beans, and it is also the flavor descriptions of citrus, orange blossom, and black tea that we usually say.

Today we are talking about “how to drink coffee”. We are talking about how to balance the bitterness and sourness of the coffee in our hands, and to better “dig out” the floral, fruity, caramel and other aromas of fresh coffee beans for convenience. taste.

This process of mining is also a word that coffee powders often talk about – “extraction”. Different extraction methods can show different flavors and tastes of coffee. Of course, different coffee equipment is required.

Just like cooking includes stewing, stewing, and frying, one ingredient can make thousands of flavors, and there are many ways to extract coffee, but in general, the most common and easy to operate are the following two types:

Pressure extraction: Use pressure to grab the aromatic substances in the coffee powder, the taste is rich and the aroma is full and rich, such as espresso, the main equipment is an espresso machine, etc.
Drip filter extraction: take away the aromatic substances in coffee powder with water flow, the taste is more pure, and the aroma is layered, such as hand-brewed coffee, the main equipment is hand-brewing tools, etc.

Next, I will talk about the difference between the two extraction methods and what equipment is available.


pressure extraction


The key to taste

I believe that many friends’ contact with a cup of “freshly ground coffee” started from a certain star and a certain Rui?

Whether it’s Latte Latte on weekend afternoons or Americano Americano that refreshes us immediately before work, most of them are made by quickly extracting espresso “espresso” under pressure, adding water, milk or cocoa powder.

The equipment used to make these espresso coffees is the machine we often see in coffee shops – “high pressure espresso machine”.

I think the coffee made by this high-pressure extraction coffee maker has “strong aroma and obvious flavor”. Every time the machine is turned on, the house is filled with fragrance, such as the dark chocolate and caramel aromas that are common in espresso coffee. get to.

This is because the aroma of the coffee beans themselves are captured by high pressure forcefully, and the key to the aroma of espresso – crema “coffee oil” is also extracted.

Crema is a layer of golden-colored foam floating on the surface of espresso. It not only makes the coffee with a heavy mouth feel more oily and silky, but also facilitates the subsequent pull flowers to have a better effect. At the same time, it can also judge the freshness of the beans through it. degree, whether the degree of extraction is appropriate.

The fresher the beans, the more crema. The crema of the ideal extraction level should be uniform in color without black spots, and the bubbles should be as dense as cream. The espresso tastes bitter, sweet, and sweet.

Whether it is with milk, ice cream, or even whiskey, it is super versatile. Affogato, which can be drunk at Starbucks, is a drinking method of espresso and ice cream.

But I think their ice cream balls are too hard. If you are at home, you can use the coffee maker to make a cup of hot fragrant coffee and pour it directly on the ice cream balls that you just dug out of the refrigerator. It is not expensive and delicious. Drink, it’s so delicious!

I think that having a coffee maker at home is especially suitable for the donor who is afraid of monotonous and tedious instant, who loves to drink fragrant fresh coffee and wants to drink it in a different way.

In addition to the professional but large-scale machines in coffee shops, there are also many multi-purpose machines on the market.

There are capsule machines, fully automatic all-in-one coffee makers, semi-automatic espresso machines… Really not too much, the basic coffee production is relatively stable, the operation is not difficult to get started, and it is especially suitable for busy cities who want to drink fresh coffee at any time. people.

Below I will share with you a few “home high-pressure espresso machines” that I have used myself and that many coffee lovers have reported well.


Recommended equipment

Nespresso J520 Capsule Coffee maker

Nespresso’s capsule coffee maker is a machine that made me fall in love with espresso. Every cup of crema is in a very standard state. You can add milk and water according to your favorite coffee taste.

Because there are many flavors of capsules, it is also convenient for novices to explore the flavors of different production areas and different flavor themes. I also drank dozens of capsules from his family, and then I have a great understanding of different degrees of baking, grains, fruit flavors and other words in my mouth. Orientation resolution.

At present, I use more of his J520 with higher configuration, because it is a fully automatic coffee maker with a capsule milk frother. In addition to serving me a cup of coffee with good performance immediately, it can also quickly help me when I have time. Make a milk froth.

The J520 has 8 milk foam textures and 11 milk temperature settings. It can not only make milk foams of different thicknesses to make a flower, but also quickly heat the milk. I tried heating the milk and beating it slightly, and the taste will be smoother. It’s not a burden to have a snack in the middle of the night.

I feel that this machine is more suitable for the donor who loves to drink milk coffee and wants to learn to pull flowers.

Nespresso Pixie Fully Automatic Capsule Coffee maker

In addition to J520, I used the most basic capsule machine series from his family – “Citiz” and “Pixie”.

They are really “model workers” who help me refresh my mind and keep outputting coffee during working hours.

As soon as the capsule is put in the coffee, it is very convenient, and it is recommended that the donor who does not need to make milk foam start with it, the utilization rate will be higher, and the price of a small thousand yuan is relatively suitable.

Philips EP3146 automatic milk froth grinder

In addition to the Nespresso J520, there are many coffee makers with similar functions on the market, such as the Philips EP3146, which uses coffee beans instead of capsules, and is as simple as just putting the beans by hand.

Although there are many flavors of capsules, the more special flavors like “Lightning Puff” will be flavored with essence, so there is no fresh coffee beans that come naturally. Relatively speaking, a coffee maker with integrated grinding such as Philips can better reflect the “freshly ground” coffee. ‘ wonderful.

What is more intimate about this machine is that the concentration of coffee, the amount of milk foam, and the taste of coffee can be selected on the dashboard, so that everyone can choose different strengths and flavors according to their own situation. Much more.

However, although this Philips machine can also automatically froth milk, it uses a water tank-type milk frother. I personally feel that there is no such thing as the J520. The milk foam made by the steam rod is rich and easy to pull flowers. It is more suitable for milk coffee, but yes Hands-on ability requirements are not particularly high donors.

Breville BES870 Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

If you feel that the capsule machine and automatic coffee maker above are a little “lazy”, and if you want to experience the joy of making coffee by yourself, you can look at the semi-automatic coffee maker.

Let’s talk about the Breville BES870 that I use every day. We need to grind the powder from the coffee maker, press it into a powder in the powder bowl, and then use it to extract and concentrate.

The main functions and adjustments of the machine are all on the dial, and the pressure pointer in the middle can also see the pressure extraction of coffee powder under different grinding degrees and powder amounts.

Although I failed several cups at the beginning, for example, the powder was too small, and the espresso was not evenly compacted with a powder hammer, etc. The extracted espresso was not ideal, either too sour or too bitter, but I adjusted it slowly and referred to the manual. After the suggestion, you will be able to get started soon.

As for manual milking, I haven’t been able to make excellent milk froths yet, but I have been able to whip up milk froths decently.

On the weekends, I will watch various tutorials to learn the technique of milking. In general, although the difficulty has increased, the fun is a little bit more fun.

A while ago, didn’t Shenzhen recommend staying at home? Even better, this machine helped me pass a lot of “doing nothing” time at home. I can also study coffee with my family and comment on each other, which is also a very interesting thing.
Delonghi Delonghi Coffee maker EC9155.W Semi-automatic Grinding All-in-One

Other brands, such as Delonghi’s EC9155.W, are not much different from Bofu’s in terms of basic functions, appearance, and difficulty in operation. That is, the steam rod is a little longer than mine, which makes it easier to use milk.

In addition, Delonghi also has more choices of coffee flavors, and is equipped with parts such as cup holders. Relatively speaking, the processing of details will be more thoughtful. You can also compare more before starting.


Drip filtration extraction


The key to taste

In addition to pressure extraction, which is a common way of drinking coffee, drip extraction is also loved by major coffee shops and coffee lovers.

Although both are common, their flavors are worlds apart.

The most obvious difference is that the drip filtration has no pressure, so the crema of the coffee beans will not be extracted, so the filtered coffee liquid is clearer and purer, and the taste is much lighter.

Compared with the direct attack of espresso, the aroma of drip coffee is more elegant and layered, and it has a kind of slowness.

Drip-filtered coffee is the most popular, and everyone’s favorite is hand-brewed coffee, which we will focus on next.

Personally, I feel that drinking pour-over coffee is like tasting tea and fragrance. As an entry-level me, I really can’t really taste the front, middle and back notes in it. At most, I can feel a few particularly familiar flavors. Or the general direction of flavor.

I also recommend that you don’t be too anxious. For entry-level people, you can try the following tasting dimensions first, and you can also understand the situation of the hand-brewed coffee you make, and where you can adjust to find the most suitable taste for you:

Cleanliness: Does the coffee leave a bitter, astringent, or particularly disliked taste in the mouth
Balance: sour, sweet and bitter are more balanced, slightly sour and slightly bitter according to personal preference, but not too prominent

Flavor Layering and Clarity: From entry to swallow, the flavor changes without being monotonous

Although hand-brewed coffee is more difficult to taste than espresso, it can better reflect the fun of making coffee by yourself, and the equipment cost is relatively much lower (of course, only for entry.

It is more suitable for donors who do not want to pay too expensive equipment, but are willing to spend their time trying to experience the subtle flavor of coffee.

Now I will share the equipment involved in these three parts according to the brewing process of hand-brewed coffee “grinding, brewing, filtering”.


Recommended equipment

Tymo Grinder Go Electric Coffee Bean Grinder

Hand-brewed coffee relies solely on the contact between water and coffee powder to slowly bring out the aroma of the beans, so the thickness of the coffee beans will affect the final extraction effect.

If the grind is too fine and there are fly powders, there is a high probability that the coffee will be extracted too much and the aftertaste of the coffee will become astringent and bitter.

Taimo’s Grinder Go electric grinder uses a high-torque, slow-speed design for the grinding core, which can grind the coffee beans finely and evenly without letting the machine heat up and remove the aromatic substances of the beans. It is especially suitable for brewing by hand. .

Although the machine looks small, the maximum grinding capacity is 60g, which can fully meet the needs of household hand-washing, which not only keeps the freshness of the grinder and does not waste it.

Usually, if you go on a picnic, hike, or go on a business trip, you can take it with you, which can be regarded as a part of “coffee freedom” haha.

If you have a greater demand for grinding coffee beans, you can also try a larger motor.

The Magiclove grinder’s “30-speed grinding adjustment + large-capacity bean warehouse” can be said to cover the finest espresso coffee, medium-thick hand-brewed coffee, to the coarser French press, one grinder. The bean machine can satisfy all kinds of equipment and coffee drinking methods, especially suitable for donors who love to play equipment.

Magiclove Megara Electric Grinder

Moreover, the falling powder can be collected in the powder storage tank at the bottom, which also reduces the situation that the flying powder splashes and contaminates the workbench and the machine, even if the novice is easy to use.

As for the hand grinder, I personally feel that it is more of a “manual” ritual, but if you encounter hard coffee beans, it is really too laborious, and you have to rely on electric power.

Hero Propeller S02 Hand Grinder

But I believe that there must be donors who love the grinding feel of this hand-cranked bean. You can also try Hero’s S02, Taimo’s chestnut hand-cranked, etc. I think the reviews are good, you can compare and try.

Hario Long Mouth Slim Kettle Cloud Pot

The function of the hand brewing pot is to fill the coffee powder with water. No matter whether the water filling method is “one knife flow” or “three-stage type”, the most basic requirement of the opponent’s brewing pot is that the water flow is stable and well controlled.

This cloud pot by HARIO is very classic, and it can basically accompany you from entry to further advancement.

Although the inner diameter of the spout is 7mm+, for beginners, the water may feel a little large at first, but because the spout is relatively slender, after a little practice, you will find that the performance of this kettle is relatively stable in large water flow and small water flow.

The cloud pot can be exposed to open flames, whether it is at home or outdoor camping, it can be heated by fire.

In fact, there are too many good hand brewing pots, such as the famous Brewista, which can achieve the effect of dripping water better than Hario’s cloud pot, but I personally think the pot is a bit heavy, it feels more suitable for technology, and the wrist strength Better donor use.

Hario V60 filter bowl

The function of the filter cup mainly determines the contact time between the water flow and the coffee powder. If the water flow is fast and the extraction time is short, the acidity of the coffee will be more obvious, and the taste will be light and delicate; if the water flow is slow and the extraction time is long, the sweetness and bitterness of the coffee will be relatively Obviously, the taste is mellow, and the aftertaste of the aroma is more abundant.

Hario’s V60 has a good balance between the extraction time and water flow speed, and the taste is relatively balanced and not prone to errors, which is very friendly to novices.

Because the inside of the filter cup is designed with a “spiral rib”, compared with the straight “straight rib”, it does not affect the smoothness of the water flow, but also lengthens the path of the water flow.

Moreover, the filter hole is too large. After you are proficient at it, you can also try different water flow speeds to change the flavor of the coffee.

But in general, the coffee extracted by V60 is bright and layered, especially the fruity and floral aroma will be more obvious, and it will not be too difficult for beginners to make a translucent and refreshing type of hand brewing.

If you want to brew a richer hand-brewed coffee, you can look at the “semi-immersion” filter cups like Kalita.

Kalita Classic Scallop Bowl

The design of the Kalaita cone is different from that of the V60. It is a fan-shaped design, and although there are 3 small holes at the bottom, the diameter is smaller than the single hole of the V60.

It not only allows the water in the filter cup to be discharged evenly, but also relatively restricts the speed of water dripping, so that the water soaks the coffee powder for a relatively longer time. Novices can use this filter cup and avoid using a large-hole filter cup. A situation in which the hands are shaking and pouring too much water can cause the extraction to proceed too quickly.


What else can I do with coffee?


In addition to the “pressure extraction” and “drip filter extraction” mentioned above, there are actually many ways to play coffee that are variants of these two methods.

There are also some simpler extraction methods, cheaper but equally fun equipment, which I will add later.


Bialetti Lotte Moka Pot

Lettie’s pot is nearly a hundred years old, and it can be said to be an espresso machine that can be carried around.

Just put fresh ground coffee in the bottom of the pot, put it on the fire and heat it up, and the espresso will come out in a “gull”.

I have seen many coffee friends share that this moka pot can also extract beautiful crema, and it is really amazing when paired with milk.

Unfortunately, my technique is not very good, because the pressure of this pot is not as high as that of a coffee maker, and I need to master the “heat” extraction by myself.

I haven’t made an espresso with crema that meets the standard yet. Haha, I think it’s a bit difficult. If you make it successfully, please remember to share your experience with me.


CHEMEX hand pour pot

This hand-powder pot from CHEMEX is a supplement to hand-powder tools.

This pot combines a function of “filter cup + coffee pot”, which can make both hot hand-brewed coffee and refreshing coffee cold brew. It is highly playable and practical.

Although there is no “rib” of the filter cup, the CHEMEX has a higher spout, which extends the extraction channel as a whole, and can still fully extract the flavor of the coffee beans.

And this pot is equipped with a standard filter paper. I feel that after the filter paper is folded and put in, the coffee dripping speed is not too fast, so although the taste of the coffee extracted at the end is also very clear, the flavor will be better than that of hand brewing. A little richer.


Taimo small i home ice drop pot

Seriously, iced coffee is always the best choice in summer.

Although the aroma of hand-brewed coffee is worthy of careful tasting, the aroma of iced coffee is a refreshing and healing feeling, because it is really clean, the entrance is refreshing but the aroma is strong, and there is a slight sweet and sour feeling, which quenches thirst and is comfortable.

This ice drip pot from Taimo is especially suitable for home use. The small one is separated by two layers of ice cubes and coffee, and there is an adjustment knob in the middle.

In the early stage, you can let the water flow faster to soak the coffee powder, and then adjust it back to 5-6 drops every 10 seconds, and wait for 5 hours.

Thinking that it is a hot summer outside, and there is a small ice dripping kettle dripping from time to time at home, I feel that it is not hot in an instant, haha.

In fact, the French press was the first coffee equipment I came into contact with. When I was a primary school student, watching my mother use this pot to make coffee, I realized that it is not just a flower tea thing hahaha.

Compared with the “pressure extraction” and “drip extraction” mentioned above, the French press is a “soak extraction”.

The usage is also very simple, you can drink the coffee after brewing it once and pressing it again. The taste is stronger than that of hand brewing, but it is not too concentrated.

I feel that it is more suitable for drinking espresso, but I also feel that hand brewing is too “fine”, and I want to easily make a pot of coffee for everyone to share.

But the French press is not filtered, after all, the cup will precipitate coffee grounds after drinking, but it has the English name “French Press” casually lazy, or like Turkish coffee, it is also good to do a “coffee divination”?

Well, the “how to drink introductory coffee” shared today is here first.

I know that there are still many ways to drink, such as Vietnamese pots, Turkish pots, aeropress, siphon pots, etc. These are all subdivisions of coffee gameplay, with slightly different flavors, there are many more that can be made local flavors.

In general, there are too many ways to drink coffee and it is too interesting to talk about. You are welcome to share your experience in the comments.